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From Brian Jeltema <>
Subject Re: failure handling question
Date Sat, 25 Mar 2017 18:40:37 GMT
So if a flowfile is in a state where it will never be successfully processed by
the custom processor, it will just stay queued forever? If this is a recurring
problem, will the bad flowfiles eventually fill up my disk space? What’s the
appropriate way to recover from this problem.

> On Mar 25, 2017, at 11:10 AM, Bryan Bende <> wrote:
> Hi Brian,
> You are correct in your understanding about exceptions that are not
> caught by the processor.
> Part of rolling back the session is putting the flow file back in the
> queue where it came from, so the flow file will remain in the queue
> before the processor and will continue to be submitted to the
> processor, but of course the processor will yield which will slow it
> down a little bit.
> Generally the above behavior is what you want if something completely
> unexpected happens, but if there are specific error conditions that
> you know of then you likely want to handle these by catching those
> exceptions and routing to specific relationships. For example, when
> sending data to an external system one error might be because the data
> you sent is malformed and it will always fail, and another error might
> be because the service was down in which case it would work if you
> retried later. For this case you could have a failure relationship for
> the data failures, and connection_failure relationship for the
> failures when the system is down.
> Hope this helps.
> -Bryan
> On Sat, Mar 25, 2017 at 10:11 AM, Brian Jeltema <> wrote:
>> I’m writing a customer processor, and I’m confused about error handling. As I
understand it,
>> if an Exception is thrown that is not handled by my processor, then it is handled
by the
>> framework by doing a session rollback and administrative yield. What I don’t understand
>> it what happens to the original flowfile. Does it get resubmitted to the processor?
If so,
>> and the Exception keeps being thrown, what ultimately happens to the flowfile?
>> Thanks in advance
>> Brian

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