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From Andy LoPresto <>
Subject Re: Is it possible to reference python requests module in ExecuteScript?
Date Fri, 05 May 2017 19:03:14 GMT

Jython is a challenging runtime, as Python modules that depend on native code or dependencies
cannot be used. If the HTTP requests are not something that can be done with InvokeHTTP, I
suggest evaluating Groovy or Ruby as your scripting language of choice, as they are more suited
to the ExecuteScript scenario at this time.

Andy LoPresto
PGP Fingerprint: 70EC B3E5 98A6 5A3F D3C4  BACE 3C6E F65B 2F7D EF69

> On May 5, 2017, at 2:57 PM, Mike Harding <> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'm now looking at using ExecuteScript and python engine to execute HTTP requests using
the requests module.
> I've tried referencing requests the module but when I try to import requests I get a
module reference error.
> I downloaded the module from here > <>
> Not sure why it isnt picking it up. Ive tried referencing the directory and the .py directly
with no success.
> Any ideas where im going wrong?
> Cheers,
> Mike

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