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From Mika Borner <>
Subject Questions about record processors
Date Sun, 11 Jun 2017 20:06:59 GMT

Been playing with the new record processors (great so far!). Now I have 
two questions about usage.

1. Let's say I have an Update Record processor with a GrokReader and a 
JsonRecordSetWriter manipulating the record. This works fine. Now I want 
to further process the records with a LookupRecord and/or a QueryRecord 
processor. In my case, setting the Record Reader for chained record 
processors to JsonTreeReader seems to work. Just wondering if this is 
the right thing to do, as there are only examples with a single record 

2. I haven't figured out yet, how the LookupRecord processor 
configuration has to be done. My lookup table contains two columns and 
one row

foo, bar
foovalue1, barvalue1

The SimpleCsvFileLookupService has "Lookup Key Column" set to "foo" and 
"Lookup Value Column" to "bar".

The LookupRecord processor has "Result RecordPath" set to //bar. The 
property "key" is set to //foo. Here I'm not sure if the property name 
"key" is correct. Any other value causes an error. Unfortunately the 
lookup doesn't work and I also couldn't find any examples in the 

Thanks for your help!


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