You can get a row count on the incoming CSV files by routing them through SplitText and using the “fragment.count” value as the total number of (non-header) lines, or by using an ExecuteStreamCommand with the command “wc -l” which counts the number of lines in text. With this knowledge, you can then use a SQL query in ExecuteSQL to check the number of rows inserted in the last time slice or with a special identifier range by checking “max(id)” before the insert begins.  

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On Jun 12, 2017, at 5:47 AM, prabhu Mahendran <> wrote:

Hi All,

Since i need to know how to check all rows in csv moved in SQL Server.

I have download csv files from HTTP.

Just imagine i have 10 files i could move files one after another into SQL

i need to ensure if number of rows in csv moves correctly insert into SQL

For example if file having 100 rows to be insert into SQL Server how to
check 100 rows correctly moved into SQL in NiFi.After move that 100 files
then row next file moved into SQL.

Is this possible to check number of rows in files equal to sql moved rows
without using Script?