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From Andy LoPresto <>
Subject Re: Expression language escape character?
Date Mon, 14 Aug 2017 23:30:32 GMT
Hi Charlie,

I may be misunderstanding your issue, but have you tried escapeJson() [1]? You can chain it
onto a String expression, and it will escape a single quote to \’. You can also use unescapeJson()
[2] if you need to provide an escaped quote and have it be interpreted by the next step.

I have a feeling that doesn’t quite answer your question, so maybe literal() [3] is what
you are looking for. For example, I have an expression below which generates a random number
that is either 0 or 1, and prints ‘zero’ for 0, but ‘1’ for 1:

${random():mod(2):lt(1):ifElse('zero', ${literal(${literal(1):toString()})})}

I hope one of these helps. If not, please write back and hopefully someone who understands
the question a bit better will be able to chime in.


Andy LoPresto
PGP Fingerprint: 70EC B3E5 98A6 5A3F D3C4  BACE 3C6E F65B 2F7D EF69

> On Aug 14, 2017, at 6:57 PM, Charlie Frasure <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> We found that the ConvertJSONToSQL did not give us the control we wanted over the SQL
being created from an existing JSON object, so we built our own query using the UpdateAttribute
processor.  In doing so, we ran into a problem setting the SQL value from the JSON data because
of quotations.  The ifElse function required a quote, as did the embedded path to the JSON
value.  This left no way to wrap the SQL text with single quotes, and I have not found documentation
of a character that would allow me to escape another set of quotes.
> A basic working example is pasted below, but I had to ask if there is a better way.
> Best,
> Charlie
> INSERT INTO schema.table1
>   (attribute_one, attribute_two, ...)
> 	${someJson:jsonPath("$.Attribute1"):isEmpty():ifElse("null", '~~${someJson:jsonPath("$.Attribute1")}~~'):replace("~~",
> 	${someJson:jsonPath("$.Attribute2"):isEmpty():ifElse("null", '~~${someJson:jsonPath("$.Attribute2")}~~'):replace("~~",
> ....
> );

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