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From Vikram KR <>
Subject Control and Command information between MiniFi and NiFi
Date Wed, 16 Aug 2017 06:36:23 GMT
  I have a NiFi instance on my cloud server machine and I have MinFi
instance running on my gate way. I want to capture data from 2 different
devices and perform some device specific logic for filtering data on the
edge and then on the server side detect some events which should raise
alerts. I also want to send back some control messages from server to the

My approach to this would be the following,

1) Create 2 dataflows on the NiFi side which reads from an Input port,
check for some specific parameter value in the data and then write to Kafka
or some other target. I want to have two different dataflow and not a
single dataflow for a specific reason.

2) Create 2 MiniFi edge flows each of which reads from a serial port and
then performs some filtering based on a specifc condition for each of the
device and then writes to a remote process group.

Now I want to know if I can do the following with MinFi?

1) Can I deploy the first MinFi dataflow from the NiFi  UI, without
exporting it as XML and then using the Converter tool Kit?

2) Assuming that I have Started the MiniFi with the yaml configuration
having my MiniFi dataflow1, I want to now deploy the second MinFi dataflow
without stopping and re-starting the MinFi instance?

3) I see that MiniFi can use the PullHttpChangeIngestor to  get the
configuration changes,

If I have 2 different dataflow's running on my MinFi instance, how will I
know which processor's configuration got changed and what property got

Also  in the Minfi bootstrap conf file, what are these 2 properties? Can
you give me an example of the http.query attribute value if I want to use
say FetchMQTT processor on the edge?


# Query string to pull configurations with


4) Can I currently perform bidirectional communication using the minifi-C2

what I mean by bi-directional communication is, based on the data that
comes from the device my NiFi dataflow on the server will monitor value of
a specific parameter and when that value exceeds certain limits ,  I want
to send start and stop message to my device from server side? How will I be
able to do that with MinFi?

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