There are three repositories.
- FlowFile (tracks metadata about things actively in the flow)
- Content (holds the actual underlying content for things in the flow or still in archive)
- Provenance (holds metadata about the events that went through the flow)

Provenance and content lifecycles/storage amounts/etc.. can differ.  When a piece of content is still available you can click to it from provenance.

You can adjust your content repository settings.  By default it will start reclaiming space after 50% utilization of the partition it is on.

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On Mon, Aug 7, 2017 at 9:06 AM, Frank Maritato <> wrote:

I recently increased the nifi provenance max storage time and size on my server but I still get cases where I can see the provenance event, but the content isn't available to view. (See screenshot) Is there another setting I need to keep this information longer?


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Frank Maritato
Data Architect