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From Andy Christianson <>
Subject Re: minifi-cpp s2s no protocol
Date Wed, 20 Sep 2017 15:11:32 GMT
?This is on the phrocker/MINIFI-339 branch with some additional testing code I'm working on.

If it helps, in the logs, the s2s connection fails several times as my testing nifi instance
boots, then once nifi is ready, it gets this config JSON back & spits out the no protocol

I'm running nifi master branch.

-Andy I.C.

From: Marc <>
Sent: Wednesday, September 20, 2017 11:06 AM
Subject: Re: minifi-cpp s2s no protocol

  What branch are you using?

  I believe this is was one issue resolved under the guise of

On Wed, Sep 20, 2017 at 11:03 AM, Andy Christianson <<>>

Hi All,

I have a minifi-cpp flow using HTTP s2s to send data to a nifi instance. The minifi instance
seems to be making an initial connection to nifi, but it fails to send data, and I see a "no
protocol" in the logs. Here's the log output & flow yml:

[2017-09-20 14:37:35.634] [org::apache::nifi::minifi::utils::HTTPClient] [info] Submitting
to http://nifi:8080/nifi-api/controller
[2017-09-20 14:37:35.648] [org::apache::nifi::minifi::RemoteProcessorGroupPort] [debug] controller
config {"controller":{"id":"96120c9a-b94b-434e-a439-42a4927b5d5e","runningCount":3,"stoppedCount":0,"invalidCount":0,"disabledCount":0,"inputPortCount":1,"outputPortCount":0,"siteToSiteSecure":false,"instanceId":"9fb88d05-015e-1000-f6e9-688ce4c58047","inputPorts":[{"id":"df466fb6-d4f4-4fb1-ac59-5ceb90fcf527","name":"from-minifi","state":"RUNNING"}],"outputPorts":[]}}
[2017-09-20 14:37:35.648] [org::apache::nifi::minifi::RemoteProcessorGroupPort] [info] process
group remote site2site port -1, is secure 0
[2017-09-20 14:37:35.648] [org::apache::nifi::minifi::RemoteProcessorGroupPort] [info] no
- destination id: dcc4ebf7-e4ae-4e9e-bac5-e0fd11e08033
  name: 86f953f0-6200-448c-b078-3a7c9d082d84
  source id: ea5d3fff-7bc8-4fc7-a01a-7d10013fa883
  source relationship name: success
- destination id: df466fb6-d4f4-4fb1-ac59-5ceb90fcf527
  name: 18a94963-bd92-4043-82c9-1e9e49f2448e
  source id: dcc4ebf7-e4ae-4e9e-bac5-e0fd11e08033
  source relationship name: success
Controller Services: []
Flow Controller:
  name: MiNiFi Flow
- Properties:
    Input Directory: /tmp/input
  auto-terminated relationships list: []
  class: org.apache.nifi.processors.standard.GetFile
  id: ea5d3fff-7bc8-4fc7-a01a-7d10013fa883
  name: ea5d3fff-7bc8-4fc7-a01a-7d10013fa883
  penalization period: 30 sec
  run duration nanos: 0
  scheduling period: 0 sec
  scheduling strategy: EVENT_DRIVEN
  yield period: 1 sec
- Properties: {}
  auto-terminated relationships list: []
  class: org.apache.nifi.processors.standard.LogAttribute
  id: dcc4ebf7-e4ae-4e9e-bac5-e0fd11e08033
  name: dcc4ebf7-e4ae-4e9e-bac5-e0fd11e08033
  penalization period: 30 sec
  run duration nanos: 0
  scheduling period: 1 sec
  scheduling strategy: EVENT_DRIVEN
  yield period: 1 sec
Remote Processing Groups:
- Input Ports:
  - Properties: {}
    id: df466fb6-d4f4-4fb1-ac59-5ceb90fcf527
    max concurrent tasks: 1
    name: from-minifi
  id: 3a94707d-7717-46fa-b641-57d1104bd927
  name: 3a94707d-7717-46fa-b641-57d1104bd927
  timeout: 30 sec
  url: http://nifi:8080/nifi
  yield period: 10 sec


-Andy I.C.

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