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From "Giovanni Lanzani" <>
Subject Re: StoreInKiteDataset, wasb, and class path
Date Sat, 30 Sep 2017 14:35:18 GMT
On 29 Sep 2017, at 18:50, Giovanni Lanzani wrote:

> Now you definitely picked my interest.
> I've opened and I'll 
> try to work on it a bit. I might not tackle the Kerberos stuff just 
> yet but I'm curious to see if this additional CLASSPATH thingy is 
> enough.
> Thanks,
> Giovanni

Hi again,

I was looking to open a PR and I saw this (new to me?) requirement:

> If adding new Properties, have you added .displayName in addition to 
> .name (programmatic access) for each of the new properties?

Can anyone tell me precisely what this is about? Should I add a 
`.displayName` equal to `.name` or is it only when I want to make a 
distinction between the programmatic access and the UI?

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