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From Gino Lisignoli <>
Subject Slow FTP and SFTP nifi transfer rates
Date Thu, 07 Sep 2017 03:15:11 GMT
I have this weird issue with PutFTP and PutSFTP transfer rates.

What I am seeing is that no matter what files I transfer from One server to
another over a single connection the maximum rates I can send are 300Mbps
for PutFTP and 1Gbps for PutSFTP.

The sending nifi is installed on Centos 7, running on a Dell R730, 190GB
Ram, 16 Cores @ 2.4GHz and 4x10Gb nics bonded. The sending nifi has it's
content repository on a ramdisk, and the receiving server is receiving to a
ramdisk (for testing, to remove disk IO out of the equation).

When I do a ftp send manually (without nifi) with mput I get ftp rates of
~8Gbs and sftp rates of 2.2Gbs (Which seems slow anyway).

I would have expected transfer rates similar with nifi.

Is there any way to work out why these rates are so much slower, but also
so consistent? I'm using Nifi-1.30

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