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From Andy Loughran <>
Subject Time-based Dependencies
Date Mon, 04 Sep 2017 12:38:31 GMT
Hey guys,

I've been asked to put together a flow that effectively forms a DAG with a
set of time-based dependencies.

What this means is that thought the DAG _could_ complete immediately, I
need to add a wait condition on the detection of each file, with either
time-elapsed or time-since-epoch being the trigger.  For example, I may
have to wait one hour after a file is received before triggering a process,
or if nothing has changed then trigger the process at 5pm.

I'll also need to create batch-id for each time the process is triggered.

Is this within the use-case for Nifi; or should I be looking at other
projects, such as airflow?  Recommendations would be welcomed.


Andy Loughran

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