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From Aruna Sankaralingam <>
Subject Transformations using Nifi
Date Wed, 11 Oct 2017 15:25:46 GMT
I am trying to see what kind of transformations that can be done in nifi and how.
Now I have a basic flow that takes CSV from the local dir and puts into s3 and loads into
postgres database.
There are 4 columns in my test file 3 of which are string and one is an integer field. I would
like to do the following before I load the data into postgres. If someone can help me on how
to go about these, it will be great.

1.       Convert one of the string columns to upper case

For converting to upper case, I was told to use the Update Record processor but  my version
is 1.2.0 and the update record processor is not available.

2.       Postgres has an extra column called "Load_Date" in which I would like to load the
current date with timestamp when the flow is run

3.       If the integer column has more than 5 digits, I would like to take only the first
5 digits and load to the table

4.       There is a look up table in postgres. I would like to check if the first column value
is present in the look up table and if yes, proceed ahead and if not ignore the record

I am trying to learn nifi so I would really appreciate any kind of help here. Is there any
training available online that I can take in order to understand and do all these?


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