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From "Eric Thompson" <>
Subject Hanging Processor: ExtractHL7Attributes
Date Tue, 14 Nov 2017 13:37:53 GMT
I am getting an error of 'Administratively Yielded for 1 sec due to processing failure' and
the files that are triggering the error in the processor are not getting routed to the failure
processor but seem to loop and stop up the first processor.  Any ideas on how to resolve?


I would expect the files that are loaded that cause the error would get routed, but instead
it appears as though it eventually just stops accepting new files all together since the queue


No errors in nifi-bootstrap.log.  It runs for a while then gradually slows down and stops
processing new files.


Tried increase the memory heap to 1,024 MB, but got an error when tried to follow the
recommended 8g settings.


Testing on:

NiFi Version 1.4.0

Tag nifi-1.4.0-RC2

Build Date/Time 09/28/2017 14:58:26 CDT



Version 1.8.0_151



Name Windows Server 2012 R2

Version 6.3

Architecture x86


Please advise!





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