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From Asanka Sanjaya Herath <>
Subject Nifi slowing down the flow in long run
Date Fri, 10 Nov 2017 10:57:31 GMT


I'm using a NiFi instance hosted on google cloud for about  3 months and
initially, it was running smoothly.

I have mounted *database_repository*, *provinance_repository*,
*flowfile_repository* and *content_repository* directories to a persistent
disk because I need the flow files to be persistent whenever the VM is

I redeployed the VM several times when those directories are being mounted.

Past few days I saw the message "*The rate of the dataflow is exceeding the
provenance recording rate. slowing down flow to accommodate*." in nifi UI.

So that I cleaned up all those mounted directories and redeployed a fresh
nifi. Now it is running smoothly again.

But cleaning up those directories, in the long run, is going to be a
problem for us. Any possible solution is available for this? Any help is




Asanka Sanjaya Herath

Software Engineer | Zone24x7

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