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From Juan Sequeiros <>
Subject HandleHttpRequest
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2017 14:36:26 GMT
Hello all,

Is it considered a best practice to leave the thread count on
HanddleHttpRequest to 1?  Assuming the JETTY server is handling requests?
are we making things worst by increasing that?

We are moving towards using HanddleHttpRequest versus ListenHttp but we are
struggling with performance versus ListenHttp.

We are receiving lots of data ( in the thousands of flowfiles ) and we are
seeing many messages about "unable to create content claim due to

Our flow pretty much sends the success to the HanddleHttpResponse and then
we do the rest of our flow processing on the flowfile.

I've noticed some examples have the flow go through its life cycle and then
send the http response, or we sending response to soon? ( I dont think )

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