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From Aldrin Piri <>
Subject Re: minifi release and mapping that to the nifi release
Date Tue, 21 Nov 2017 21:36:40 GMT
Hi Juan,

We need to have this documented in terms of the core NiFi library versions
used in MiNiFi Java.  The general contract is that we can support
extensions in the same manner that the framework libraries of NiFi does.
This had a few hurdles which will be resolved with MINIFI-408 [1].  I'll
create an issue to make sure we get this in docs somewhere.  To this end,
yes, NiFi extensions should work within MiNiFi Java.  To your point, yes
there has been a correlation between minor version of MiNiFi Java and NiFi,
but these coincidental releases will likely change with MiNiFi 0.3.0.

MiNiFi C++ is a wholly distinct and separate endeavor.  While we aim to
support the same YAML config schema there have thus far been neither been
any guarantees about the same components being available in MiNiFi C++ nor
does it necessarily to support certain functionality given the inherent
scope of the C++ codebase.  With some of the recent contributions, MiNiFi
C++ has several components that are not present in any of the Java
variations of NiFi efforts.


On Tue, Nov 21, 2017 at 3:47 PM, Juan Sequeiros <> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Based on previous comment "I think it may need to line up with the version
> of NiFi that MiNiFi
> 0.2.1 is based on, which is NiFi 1.2.0"
> What is a quick way of knowing what version of NIFI that MINIFI was built
> on?
> And with knowing that, is it a good assumption that the processors found
> on that NIFI will work with the MINIFI?
> How about the C++ release does the same apply?
> Thank you

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