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From tj5527 <>
Subject How to preserve original file name
Date Wed, 29 Nov 2017 23:43:09 GMT
I use the latest the nifi version (1.4.0) transforming xml to json. The flow is done through

    listen http -> transform xml -> put file

Posting is done by executing

    curl -X POST -d @/path/to/xml localhost:<port>/contentListener

The entire process works perfectly with a single xml file. But when trying to post large amount
of xml files, I notice there exception thrown. But the exception message doesn't show which
file goes wrong, so I can't find it. Therefore my question is how do I preserve the original
file name so that when the exception is thrown I know which one goes wrong.

What I can think of is creating another put file processor which links to transform xml processor
when it fails. But I am not sure if the file name would be preserved because I notice when
it processes successfully (i.e. successfully transformed xml's file name is renamed to something
like 52943123, which is nothing related to the original xml file name). Is there any way to
log the file name when transformation goes wrong?

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