I think it's telling you that outputStream.write(text) needs to be (text.encode('utf-8'))

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I’m trying to do data anonymization using faker package in Nifi for which I’m using executescript processor.

The code references are from http://go.databricks.com/hubfs/notebooks/blogs/Healthcare%20PII%20anonymization/Healthcare%20PII%20anonymization%20example.html

I have added my code here.


import java.io

from org.apache.commons.io import IOUtils

from java.nio.charset import StandardCharsets

from org.apache.nifi.processor.io import StreamCallback

import unicodecsv as csv

from faker import Factory

from collections import defaultdict

import io


class TransformCallback(StreamCallback):

    def _init_(self):



    def process(self,inputStream,outputStream):

        inputdata = IOUtils.toString(inputStream,StandardCharsets.ISO_8859_1)

        text = csv.DictReader(io.StringIO(inputdata))


        #text   = inputdata.decode('utf-8')

        faker  = Factory.create()

        names  = defaultdict(faker.name)

        emails = defaultdict(faker.email)

        ssns = defaultdict(faker.ssn)

        phone_numbers = defaultdict(faker.phone_number)


        for row in text:

            row["name"]  = names[row["name"]]

            row["email"] = emails[row["email"]]

            row["ssn"] = ssns[row["ssn"]]

            row["phone_number"] = phone_numbers[row["phone_number"]]





flowFile = session.get()

if flowFile != None:

    flowFile = session.write(flowFile,TransformCallback())

    session.transfer(flowFile, REL_SUCCESS)





I’m stuck with an error “TypeError:write():1st arg cant be coerced to int,byte[] at <script> at line number 40

Please give me some suggestions on how should I improve.I’m quite new to python and executescript processor.