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From Matt Burgess <>
Subject Re: Additional configuration properties for DBCPConnectionPool
Date Fri, 23 Feb 2018 22:45:13 GMT

We can certainly expose some DBCP properties as processor properties,
we'd have to enumerate them explicitly since the user-defined ones are
used for the connection. Please feel free to write up an Improvement
Jira [1] to cover whichever properties you'd like to see added to

Also, we've had some issues with Kerberos ticket expiration that were
addressed in NiFi 1.5.0 [2], not sure if that would help you out or



On Fri, Feb 23, 2018 at 5:38 PM, Tim Zimmerman <> wrote:
> Matt,
>   Thank you for the quick response. I do not think these are connection
> properties but properties of the connection pool. The properties I am
> looking to set are the BasicDataSource Configuration parameters such as
> minIdle and minEvictableIdleTimeMillis.
>   I do use the validation query but the problem is the connection to the
> database is still valid while, I may get this wrong but in layman's terms,
> the kerberos authentication for the user who has connected is "stale". The
> result is, NiFi is able to query the database, create temp tables etc but
> when it attempts to perform the bulk insert of a file on a third (NAS)
> server it fails. I suppose my validation query could be an attempt at some
> bulk insert but that seems a little inefficient.
>   Right now I have a test set up with four connection pools and four flows.
> Two ran for some time, maybe a week but are now continually failing. The
> other two continue to work. The difference is that the two that continue to
> work have either had the pool reduced to zero at some point due to idle
> connections being closed or the connections were never allowed to idle i.e.
> executing the bulk insert every 10 seconds.
>   The two that are failing were allowed to maintain a minimum of one
> connection and ran less frequently. One runs every three hours the other
> once a week. While the bulk insert for these fails, querying the database
> and creating/dropping tables continues to succeed.
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