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From "Valencia Serrao" <>
Subject [Data Flow] File content not read completely
Date Thu, 15 Feb 2018 09:59:40 GMT

Hi All,

I've started hands-on with Nifi. Basic flows I was able to do without any
issues. But currently I've tried adding more steps to the flow.

Flow intent: Get a local file, split the text on new line, extract text
based on regex, Put matched/unmatched data on respective kafka topics and
finally write the kafka contents on the local targets set in PutFile.
Current Flow steps: GetFile, SplitText, ExtractText, PutKafka -( 2 of
them,one for matched and unmatched), and 2 PutFiles components.

The issue I'm facing is that - after the flow execution I see only one
entry in each of the 2 PutFile targets and rest of the content is not
written to them even if the criteria is matched. I feel its not looping
through the whole file or something like that. But I had read that Nifi
flow is executed for all contents in source files. Maybe I've missed some
config somewhere.

It would be really helpful if anyone could help on this issue.


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