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From Jon Logan <>
Subject Clustering Questions
Date Fri, 13 Apr 2018 17:49:11 GMT
All, I had a few general questions regarding Clustering, and was looking
for any sort of advice or best-practices information --

- documentation discusses failure handling primarily from a NiFi crash
scenario, but I don't recall seeing any information on entire node-failure
scenarios. Is there a way that this is supposed to be handled?
- at what point should we expect pain in scaling? I am particularly
concerned about the all-to-all relationship that seems to exist if you
connect a cluster RPG to itself, as all nodes need to distribute all data
to all other nodes. We have been also been having some issues when things
are not as responsive as NiFi would like -- namely, the UI seems to get
very upset and crash
- do UI actions (incl read-only) require delegation to all nodes
underneath? I suspect this is the case as otherwise you wouldn't be able to
determine queue sizes?
- is there a way to have a cluster with heterogeneous node sizes?

Thanks in advance!

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