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From Ryan H <>
Subject Error Reference When Creating Template From PG Under NiFi Registry Version Control
Date Mon, 07 May 2018 01:05:16 GMT
Hi All,

We have found what seems to be an issue when creating a template of a
Process Group that is under version control with NiFi Registry. What seems
to happen is that there is a hard reference to the Registry Instance from
the Env that the template was created from within the template xml file.
When importing the template into a new Env the reference to the registry
goes with the template and looks to stay with the new process group, is
written to the flow.xml.gz, and causes an issue when clustered (the nodes
end up not being able to sync after a while because of the error and goes
into a disconnected state).

I'll say upfront that this somewhat defeats the purpose of having the
registry and I'm guessing that there will be suggestions that we should
either go the template FLDC route or go the registry FLDC route. For this
purpose we cannot share the registry instance between the two environments
and may be the case that we should not use the registry at this time.

Should this be an error? Is a better way other than going in a
searching/destroying all the old registry references out of the template
and flow xml files? Should we manually change the registry instances in
each of the environments to be the same guid id?

As always any help or direction is greatly appreciated.


Ryan Howell

template.xml snippet (created template to download, which will then be
uploaded into new env) (seems that the error is automatically created
knowing that it is going to be a problem importing):




                        <stateExplanation>Unable to synchronize Process
Group with Flow Registry because Process Group was placed under Version
Control using Flow Registry with identifier
4ee39816-0161-1000-ffff-ffffc4085349 but cannot find any Flow Registry with
this identifier</stateExplanation>





                            <flowFileExpiration>0 sec</flowFileExpiration>


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