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From Tim Dean <>
Subject Can a NiFi processor depend on multiple independent controller services?
Date Thu, 03 May 2018 03:51:34 GMT
I am creating a handful of custom NiFi processors, and a couple of controller services that
are to be used by those processors. For a variety of reasons, those services are currently
being developed independently. In other words, each service will be in its own nar file.

Most of my processors will depend on one of these services or the other, but I have at least
one processor that would ideally depend on on both of these controller services. However,
if I understand the documentation this doesn’t seem possible. If a processor nar must have
a parent nar that contains the API of its service(s), and if a processor nar can have only
one parent nar, then it stands to reason that a processor cannot depend on the APIs for two
independent controller services. The only possibility seems to be combine all of the services
I depend on into a single service nar.

Am I understanding this correctly?

Are there any reasonable strategies for allowing a single processor to depend on multiple
independent controller services that aren’t included in the same nar file?



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