Hi Mauro,

   Can you you provide the flow yml file ? Did you install dependencies yourself ? If so which version of curl is installed ?

On Thu, May 3, 2018, 9:39 AM mauro <mauro@evinox.co.uk> wrote:
Dear community,

I am testing MiNiFi C++ with an embedded device running the Yocto
distribution. So far I managed to compile it and run a simple flow file
"getfile->putfile" on the same device.
However when I add a Remote Process Group to the flow MiNiFi crashes with
segmentation fault, see logs below.

I have increased all the log properties to Debug but still I cannot see
where the problem is.

root@sbc-lynx:~/nifi-minifi-cpp-0.4.0# bin/minifi.sh run
[2018-05-infol 13:10:39.374] [main] [info] Using
MINIFI_HOME=/home/root/nifi-minifi-cpp-0.4.0 from environment.
[2018-05-infol 13:10:39.376] [org::apache::nifi::minifi::Properties] [info]
Using configuration file located at
setting default dir to /home/root/nifi-minifi-cpp-0.4.0/content_repository
bin/minifi.sh: line 257:  1489 Segmentation fault      ${minifi_executable}

I have attached the minifi-app.log as well.

The same flow works if I run it on a Windows machine after amending the
paths for get and put file.
Could you please advise what to look for this issue?

Thanks in advance,



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