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From "Vos, Walter" <>
Subject PutDatabaseRecord runs out of connections
Date Wed, 08 Aug 2018 12:55:16 GMT

I'm an application admin for NiFi (among others) within my company. NiFi is very new to me
and to my colleagues as well.

We're running into an issue with one of our flows where a PutDatabaseRecord processor halts
with the following error: " Cannot get a connection, pool error Timeout waiting for idle object".
Writing is done  to a SQL Server database.

The flow executes daily, and this doesn't happen every time. Currently when this happens,
we disable the controller service and re-enable it. That gets the data through.

I was wondering if somebody here could shed some light on possible solutions or on where to
investigate further. So far I've read a couple of things:

* I could increase the max wait time for the controller service
* I could increase the max total connections for the controller service
* I could use a different driver. I've read suggestions that
is buggy and the jTDS driver ( ) should be used instead
* I've also read that this error could occur if connections are used but not closed. I'm expecting
the processor to take care of this, but developers are only human too, so.... :)

How could I debug this situation and do you have any thoughts on the above? What could the
side effects of changing those controller service settings? Will a different driver help?
Or how could I check whether the processor closes its connections?

Kind regards,



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