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From Juan Pablo Gardella <>
Subject Re: Weird behavior with the latest rev of MySQL and NiFi 1.7.1
Date Mon, 13 Aug 2018 16:54:09 GMT
Did you check ?
I have similar issue with postgres. Mysql is case sensitive. Try to use
lower or upper case to test if that's the fix

On Mon, 13 Aug 2018 at 13:26 Rick <> wrote:

> Hi Everybody!
> I am seeing some really unusual and unexpected MySQL error messages
> written into the NiFi log file by the latest MySQL version (5.7.23) when I
> try to load simple records from a CSV file with a very simple
> PutDatabaseRecord application.
> So, before I expend a lot of effort having the drains up, I wondered if
> anyone else has seen this sort of behavior with this NiFi / MySQL version
> combo, or alternatively, if y'all have this combo working ok, then I know
> that I need to look for something local on my system.
> Stripping my NiFi flow down to the bare minimum necessary to demonstrate
> the issue, it is:  ListFile >> FetchFile >> PutDatabaseRecord, and it is
> the latter that triggers these weird error messages when it attempts to
> INSERT the records into the target SQL table. Shorn of the irrelevant
> verbiage, the specific error that I am now getting in the NiFi log file is
> "PutDatabaseRecord failed to process StandardFlowFIle Due to Unknown Table <*name
> of the table that I am trying to write to*> in information_schema".
> Behind the scenes are also a DBCPConnectionPool controller and a
> CSVReader. These are enabled and running; the former is obviously
> connecting to the DB as it can 'see' an information schema in the first
> place (separately, I have checked and the DBConnectionURL is the right
> one), and the latter is clearly working since if I inspect the flowfile
> contents (payload) in the queue before it gets to PutDbRecord then it is
> what I expect (half a dozen simple records that I am using for testing with
> two char strings and an int value in each record). Nothing odd. No weird
> hex / control characters or any such in there anywhere. Just simple ascii
> text values.
> This dataflow should work, but it isn't, and I dont understand why nor why
> the odd SQL error message is given. If I use the SQL CLI then I can
> read/write to/change (etc) the table as normal. If I run a bit of equally
> simple Java, the insert works just fine, but with the NiFi, it fails
> repeatably.
> So, I admit to being baffled, and therefore any help / suggestions /
> insight etc is welcome.  Given how simple the application causing the
> problem is, I am actually starting to wonder about there being a bug
> somewhere either in NiFi or MySQL, but it's going to be one of those that
> are a bugger to track down (no pun intended!) and so I thought that I would
> ask the community (y'all!) for any comments and help first.
> I've been working with SQL (and MySQL) for many years, and NiFi for a fair
> while now, so I have done all the obvious already - changing db and table
> names, creating new NiFi CSVReaders and so forth but they make no
> difference. My dev environment here is also as simple as you can get - a
> single machine running Ubuntu 18.04.1 (the latest LTS version), MySQL
> 5.7.23, and NiFi 1.7.1. There are no clustering, Hadoop, or Kafka type
> things to cause problems anywhere.
> All help gratefully received....  Regards and thanks to all....
> Rick

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