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From Ryan Hendrickson <>
Subject GetMongo Truncates Dates
Date Tue, 07 Aug 2018 16:54:43 GMT
Hi all,
   I'm using GetMongo configured with JSON Type of "Standard JSON".  The
document I've got in Mongo has a date field that looks like the following:
   "date" : ISODate("2018-08-06T16:20:10.912Z"

   When GetMongo spits it out, the date comes out as:
"2018-08-06T16:20:10Z", noticeably missing the milliseconds.

   I've created a bug ticket here:

   I'm not sure if there's a work around or anything like that.  If anyone
else has suggestions to either add back the missing milliseconds, even if
it's just tagging on ".000" to get the format back, I'm all ears.


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