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From Scott Howell <>
Subject Nifi-registry and upgrade Nifi environments
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2018 16:50:43 GMT
I was wanting to reach out and find out how people are upgrading Nifi environments while still
using the registry to upgrade flows.

We have a particular issue occurring between nifi environments and a process flow. We run
three environments Dev, Staging, and Production. We are on a weekly upgrade path and currently
we are running 1.7.1 in dev while staging and production are on 1.6.0. Using Nifi-Registry
for Flow versioning is causing an issue currently between our dev and staging environments
because the PutSFTP processor has additional fields in 1.7.1 that do not occur in 1.6.0.

So I guess I have two questions.

Should we be using granular flow versioning at the process group level and the lowest point.
Because right now we us it fairly high up for grouped process groups?

How is everyone handling upgrades to their Nifi environments and how does that work with Nifi-Registry?

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