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From Otto Fowler <>
Subject Re: NiFi for IoT Analytics
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2018 13:46:47 GMT
I mean to say “as well”.

On October 1, 2018 at 09:06:05, Otto Fowler ( wrote:

I think you might want to look at Apache Metron, and it’s profile and
alerting capabilities if you are going to look for SIEM like things.

On September 30, 2018 at 07:58:10, Julian Feinauer ( wrote:

Hi Nifi-team,

I’m from the incubating plc4x project [1] and I am looking for a framework
which is suitable for the management of IoT Datastreams and do some edge

As nifi is often times mentioned in relation with IoT I tried to find out
what nifi realy does and how it would fit with our ideas (and also the
MiNiFi Project seems to fit into this).

>From what I understood from the Docs and some Videos NiFi looks for me a
bit like Apache Camel [2] as it is able to (dynamically) integrate
different systems and manage the dataflow between them. So what I did not
get exactly I how the payloads are managed between these Endpoints and how
much of processing Nifi does itself and how much it delegates to other
components (like e.g. Service Activater in EIP).

What I am looking for is a framework which does some analysis of data
streams coming from controllers that, e.g., control machines or robots.
chrisdutz already prepared the first version of an NiFi Endpoint in th
Plc4x Repo so we are already able to stream these datasets to NiFi. Whats
unclear to me is how we could tackle some of the questions like “how long
was this bit set” or “notify me when this signal is below a certain
threshold for more than 30s” or so.

Is this in the scope of NiFi or is NiFi more of an integration / data-flow
layer which is absolutely agnostic of these processing blocks?

I hope my questions are not too dumb or I’m not missing NiFis core too much
with my current knowledge.

I would be happy for some answers or some ideas about how to approach the
questions stated above by some experienced users.






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