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From Kevin Doran <>
Subject Re: variable url for remote process group
Date Sat, 06 Oct 2018 02:37:39 GMT

Can you put the remote process group outside what is versioned to NiFi Registry? For example,
if the remote process group is a sink, put everything upstream of it in a process group and
version that as the thing that moves between environments, leaving the RPG, and the connection
from the versioned PG to the RPG, as static in each environment. (Likewise, if the RPG is
the source, put everything downstream of it in a process group that is versioned.)

Hope this helps,

´╗┐On 10/5/18, 20:25, "evanthx" <> wrote:

    i saw this and thought I'd reply as I have a similar issue.
    We have a staging and production cluster. I have a remote process group in
    them, and have our flow backed up in the registry as that seems to be the
    approved method for moving flows from staging to production.
    Since the remote process group can't be a variable, however, that means that
    we can't alter that variable between production and staging? So our
    production cluster keeps trying to send data to our staging cluster. We can
    fix it, but then the Registry is out of sync.
    We don't want to change it dynamically, for clarity - we just need a way to
    version our flow using the registry. If you have any advice I would
    appreciate it!
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