Can you see if zookeeper node is up and running and can connect to the nifi nodes

On Wed, Oct 10, 2018 at 7:34 PM Saip, Alexander (NIH/CC/BTRIS) [C] <> wrote:



We have three NiFi 1.7.1 nodes originally configured as independent instances, each on its own server. There is no firewall between them. When I tried to build a cluster following instructions here, NiFi failed to start on all of them, despite the fact that I even set in the file on each node. Here is the error in the log files:


2018-10-10 13:57:07,506 INFO [main] org.apache.nifi.NiFi Launching NiFi...

2018-10-10 13:57:07,745 INFO [main] Determined default path to be '/opt/nifi-1.7.1/./conf/'

2018-10-10 13:57:07,748 INFO [main] Loaded 125 properties from /opt/nifi-1.7.1/./conf/

2018-10-10 13:57:07,755 INFO [main] org.apache.nifi.NiFi Loaded 125 properties

2018-10-10 13:57:07,762 INFO [main] org.apache.nifi.BootstrapListener Started Bootstrap Listener, Listening for incoming requests on port 43744

2018-10-10 13:59:15,056 ERROR [main] org.apache.nifi.NiFi Failure to launch NiFi due to Connection timed out (Connection timed out) Connection timed out (Connection timed out)

        at Method)







        at org.apache.nifi.BootstrapListener.sendCommand(

        at org.apache.nifi.BootstrapListener.start(

        at org.apache.nifi.NiFi.<init>(

        at org.apache.nifi.NiFi.<init>(

        at org.apache.nifi.NiFi.main(

2018-10-10 13:59:15,058 INFO [Thread-1] org.apache.nifi.NiFi Initiating shutdown of Jetty web server...

2018-10-10 13:59:15,059 INFO [Thread-1] org.apache.nifi.NiFi Jetty web server shutdown completed (nicely or otherwise).


Without clustering, the instances had no problem starting. Since this is our first experiment building a cluster, I’m not sure where to look for clues.


Thanks in advance,