I’m not appending the “status” attribute to the input json content. I’m just using as a parameter for comparison

I tried the same way connecting EvaluateJsonPath with RouteOnAttribute. I was facing some syntax issue.

So I took the alternative of using updateAttribute and doing the comparison


My EL is ${status:contains(${result.status})}.


Please let me know where I’m missing





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Adding on, 'RouteOnAttribute' takes ExpressionLanguage. "$.result.status" is not an ExpressionLanguage (EL) but a JSON Path expression. So what you can do is, use EvaluateJsonPath processor to read the value of status using "$.result.status" and assign it to an attribute, say "statusField" (this gets added as a FlowFile attribute). Connect EvaluateJsonPath with RouteOnAttribute and reference the attribute you have added in EvaluateJsonPath using EL. Ex: ${statusField:equals("OK")}


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UpdateAttribute adds an attribute to the FlowFile i.e. just like filename, filesize, etc., when you set "status" : "OK" using UpdateAttribute, the field doesn't actually get added to the JSON content. I would rather suggest you to use 'UpdateRecord' processor and configure it with JSON Reader and JSON Writer (providing them with a schema for your JSON content) and set the new field "status": "OK". For more details on UpdateRecord, check this tutorial. https://community.hortonworks.com/articles/189642/update-the-contents-of-flowfile-by-using-updaterec.html





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I’m consuming the message published through “PutJMS” processor using “ConsumeJMS” processor. The message is in JSON format. I added the value of “status” as “OK” using “UpdateAttribute” processor. I wanted to route it to “AttributesToJSON” processor if the value of $.result.status is “OK” for which I’m using the “RouteOnAttribute” processor .The regular expression which I used for routing is ${status:contains(${result.status})}. But the routing doesn’t happen correctly.


Sample input json :


"revision": "1.0.0",

"acceptor": "100",

"result": {

                                "status": "OK"




Please let me know where I’m missing.

Thanks in advance