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From Nathan Gough <>
Subject Re: NIFI Usage for Data Transformation
Date Thu, 01 Nov 2018 14:16:49 GMT
Hi Ameer,

This blog by Mark Payne describes how to manipulate record based data like CSV using schemas: This would probably be
the most efficient method. And another here:

An alternative option would be to port your custom java code into your own NiFi processor:
under 'Steps for Creating a Custom Apache NiFi Processor'

´╗┐On 10/31/18, 5:02 PM, "Ameer Mawia" <> wrote:

    We have a use case where we take data from a source(text data in csv
    format), do transformation and manipulation of textual record, and output
    the data in another (csv)format. This is being done by a Java based custom
    framework, written specifically for this *transformation* piece.
    Recently as Apache NIFI is being adopted at enterprise level by the
    organisation, we have been asked to try *Apache NIFI* and see if can use
    that as a replacement to this custom tool?
    *My question is*:
       - How much leverage does *Apache NIFI *provides on the flowfile *content
    I understand *NIFI *is good for creating data flow pipeline, but is it good
    for *extensive TEXT Transformation* as well?   So far I have not found
    obvious way to achieve that.
    Appreciate the feedback.
    Toronto, ON

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