I can dig into this deeper with you tomorrow, but the simplest preliminary fix is to clear your browser cache. Sometimes JS changes get stuck and can cause these issues. Cheers. 

Andy LoPresto
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On Nov 12, 2018, at 22:06, Dwane Hall <dwanehall@hotmail.com> wrote:

Good evening NiFi users,

I've recently updated my NiFi instance to 1.8.0 and have been experiencing issues with the global menu (hamburger) in a clustered environment (2 node).  The menu works smoothly on a single node instance but when clustered it only appears possible to access the global menu on the non-primary node (the on_click event does not appear to fire on the primary node of the cluster).  The behaviour was consistent in my environment on two separately configured NiFi instances (both containing 2 NiFi nodes).  The single node instance worked smoothly in the exact same environment (browser, hardware, os etc.). Have any other users experienced similar behaviour?

Environment (relevant)
NiFi v1.8.0
2 node cluster
Chrome version (latest as of 9/11/2018 (v70))
NiFi banner enabled (nifi.ui.banner.text)

Environment (other)
Secure instance (TLS)
Suse linux 12

Thanks for your time,