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From <>
Subject Re: How to analyse the content_repository?
Date Fri, 04 Jan 2019 10:59:33 GMT
Hi Pierre

I’m already familiar with this article, thank you anyway :-). We have archiving disabled.
So I don’t get why we see more disk usage then the active flows (Active Content Claims?)
right now in the GUI.

Cheers Josef

From: Pierre Villard <>
Reply-To: "" <>
Date: Friday, 4 January 2019 at 11:54
To: "" <>
Subject: Re: How to analyse the content_repository?

Hi Josef,

You might be interested by this article:


Le ven. 4 janv. 2019 à 10:49, <<>>
a écrit :
Hi guys

We have an issue with the content repo. It seems that it gets filled up over time even though
archiving is disabled. We have an uptime of 179 hours and we use about 7% of our disk space
(picture below) right now. NiFi GUI (on top left side) tells me that we have 4.12 GB data
as flowfiles in NiFi. Can somebody explain how we find out why the content_repo is growing?
After a restart of NiFi the space is back to 0% utilization…

“nifi.content.repository.archive.enabled=false”, so we shouldn’t have any archive.

Any help to troubleshoot would be appreciated.

Cheers Josef

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