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From "Elemir Stevko" <>
Subject Importing Git repo in NiFi Registry
Date Thu, 31 Jan 2019 23:45:46 GMT

In NiFi Registry configured with Git provider, is it possible to import the content of an
existing Git repo in a new NiFi instance?

To provide some context, I am working on automating NiFi Registry server instantiation in
AWS. I am planning to store the versioned flows in Git (CodeCommit) and I am considering the
best way to backup and restore the state of NiFi Registry server to recover from failure.

NiFi Registry creates a data structure in the local database (H2) describing the available
buckets and flows. I am wondering if the content of the Git repository is enough to preserve
the state or if I need to backup the database too (or perhaps externalise it as a Postgres
RDS instance). My tests so far indicate that it's the latter, but I want to confirm that this
is correct.

Best regards,

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