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From "Vincent, Mike" <>
Subject SSL Mutual Authentication with PutS3Object
Date Wed, 30 Jan 2019 19:16:27 GMT
A bit of a strange request because we have a unique situation.  Trying to move files upto and
S3 bucket and the pipeline I’ve create works fine ending in PutS3Object and the files show
up in the bucket.  Moving to our production environment, we’ll be behind a gateway that
we’ll need to do a mutual client / server SSL authentication.  Example:

The test code works fine against a test server with test certs and keys.

Now the question – there is no “SSL mutual authentication” option in PutS3Object processor.
 Can I create a mutually authenticated SSL session and pass that context to the PutS3Object
(doesn’t seem so) or some other approach?  Currently, I’m thinking my only path is to
write a new PutS3Object-MA (where MA = mutual authentication) and provides properties in configure
for the cert and key file and creates the appropriate SSL context for the underlying HTTPS
connection.  I’m thinking that’s no small feat for a novice Java programmer?


Michael J. Vincent
Lead Network Systems Engineer | The MITRE Corporation | Network Technology & Security
(T864) | +1 (781) 271-8381
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