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From Vitaly Krivoy <>
Subject RE: CaptureChangeMySQL and Triggers
Date Fri, 18 Jan 2019 17:07:10 GMT
This is a follow-on question to Apache/HortonWorks, rather than an answer to the question posted
by Marcelo. Outside of CaptureChangeMySQL, are there plans underway to add similar processors
for other databases? I realize that a database would have to produce a capture data change
log for this feature to be implemented inexpensively. One of the objections that I that I
constantly have to face in my organization to NiFi adaptation is that ExecuteSQL would require
polling thus affecting performance of the source DBMS system. I realize that this objection
is silly and if modification/creation timestamp column in the table is indexed, selecting
the rows that have been added/modified after last run date in ExecuteSQL would barely affect
the server. But as a consulting architect, I have to deal with non-technical clients who make
their decisions based on buzz words and they have heard of change data capture logs marketed
advantages. Thanks.

From: Marcelo Terres <>
Sent: Thursday, January 17, 2019 5:51 AM
Subject: CaptureChangeMySQL and Triggers


Is someone here using CaptureChangeMySQL processor to get data from a table which data is
generated and managed by triggers/stored procedures?

I'm having some weird issues as data not being processed in case of specific inserts and also
some weird data being generated in case of simple operations (3 objects in one update operation,
for example).

Thanks in advance,


Marcelo H. Terres

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