I'm using 'nipyapi' (https://nipyapi.readthedocs.io/en/latest/index.html) to write my program, and I'm trying to retrieve different information about different items in the NIFI dataflow (e.g., different ports in a remote process group). I'm also trying to update different parameters in the different NIFI components (e.g., update the file name and path in a 'getfile' processor, update the destination IP of a remote process group, update the destination port in a connection between the 'getfile' processor and a remote process group).

To make sure I'm accessing the last updated version for each NIFI item before using this item, should I just check that updates are reflected in the 'status' and/or 'status.aggregate_snapshot' of this item? or should I check something else? Noting that I tried to check the 'revision.version' of the item, but it didn't work.