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From Michael Di Domenico <>
Subject execute process
Date Wed, 22 May 2019 14:15:24 GMT
i'm a little confused over running external commands on flowfiles.
what i want to do is pick up a file from the filesystem (getfile) and
virus scan it.  based on the results of the virus scan (pass/fail) i
want to move the file to a different directory.

is this possible?  i looked at the executeprocess/script processors,
but none of them seem to do that.  the executestream seemed close, but
doesn't seem to have success/fail based on the exit code of the
process.  in fact my process failed to run and the processor still
"succeed" which is not what i want.

i think what i want is a "routeonattribute" after the "executestream".
but before i go down that road in the documentation i wanted to just
check and see if there were any other ideas.

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