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From Ryan H <>
Subject Recovering From Bad Flow Configs
Date Thu, 02 May 2019 16:17:28 GMT
Hi All,

We spin up multiple instances of NiFi for multiple users in a containerized
environment. A common issue that we run into is users misconfiguring
components such that it will crash NiFi for whatever reason. The containers
will automatically try to restart themselves, but NiFi will never be able
to come back up because of the misconfigurations that caused the issue in
the first place. Primarily because the state of the components that are
poorly/improperly configured were in the "Running" state when the crash
happened, and the same will be true when the restart happens (thus stuck in
a crash loop).

So the options that we know of to handle this are:
1. Delete the flow.xml.gz file (hope that they used Registry and have a
backup, not always the case though) (or pull in an archived flow).
2. Set the state to everything in the flow.xml.gz file to "Stopped" or
"Disabled" which will allow NiFi to come back up and the problematic
components can be reconfigured before restarting them/trying again.

We obviously expect our users to follow good development practices, but it
isn't always the case. Is there a better way to handle this?
Is there a flag of some kind that we can pass to NiFi when starting that
says: start the app, but don't start any of the components that are on the
Canvas (turn everything to the "Stopped" state before starting) (./
start --noFlow)?
Is there a way to "save users from themselves" in cases like this?
Is there a way for us to make NiFi more resilient to flow misconfigurations
that cause it to crash?

As always, any thoughts or input is greatly appreciated.


Ryan H.

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