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From Michal Klempa <>
Subject Unofficial Docker Image For NiFi Registry
Date Tue, 14 May 2019 10:00:44 GMT
Hi NiFi users,
let me modestly announce my unofficial Docker image I have built for
NiFi Registry:

At first, I apologize for not contributing changes back into official
image. I have found that a bit complicated, given the number of
changes/enhancements I wanted to make to the docker image design. But
I have released everything under Apache License, so feel free to

The image resolves a few problems with original docker image:
- - External
configuration of docker container
  with michalklempa/nifi-registry you can override individual
configuration files and the startup scripts do not get into the way
- -
GitFlowPersistenceProvider option to clone repo on startup
  image is able to clone remote git repository at startup - either
using HTTPS or git+ssh scheme.
  this works with a great feature of upstream Registry: - Support rebuilding
metadata DB from Git repo. I was able to rebuilt the metadata database
from old git repository, using
michalklempa/nifi-registry:0.4.0-SNAPSHOT tag of the image.
- is based on alpine (smaller than the official one (251MB vs. 387MB).)
- option to enable Java Debug using env var
- environment variable to set Xmx and Xms

Currently, the :latest tag points to 0.3.0-03, which is built from
0.3.0 release of NiFi Registry.
There is also a 0.4.0-SNAPSHOT tag, built from
which I will try to keep updated from master branch of upstream

Any comments/testing/feedback/issues are welcome. Feel free to write
me an email, create an issue on github:

Looking forward to 0.4.0 release of NiFi Registry! Thanks to all
developers for this work.


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