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From Michal Klempa <>
Subject Penalization on retry, on failure and session commit clarificatoion
Date Tue, 07 May 2019 10:10:04 GMT
I came across an issue, which looks similar to
Many tasks/time on downstream processor.

In my case, we are using PutElasticsearchHttpRecord and the issue is,
when RecordReader cannot parse input records (e.g. invalid JSON).
We fall into catch block:

Where the FlowFile is penalized and transferred to FAILURE.

Now the questions:
1. is penalization meant for retry-able errors? According to
it seems like the answer is Yes, but the example given is also with
FAILURE relationship (not RETRY relationship)
2. I can't find any session.commit in processor code. Is it OK? May it
be, that the problem happens when session is not committed? Does NiFi
any auto-commit then?
3. is there any design document for new processor regarding Penalize +
RETRY/FAILURE relationship?


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