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From Curtis Ruck <>
Subject X-Forwarded-Context whitelisting not working
Date Tue, 14 May 2019 22:09:32 GMT
I am attempting (unsuccessfully) to configure multiple numbered unclustered
nifi instances behind a single reverse proxy vhost (external limitations on
single vhost and no clustering)

In my reverse proxy I have X-Forwarded-Context set and in debug logging
both CatchAllFilter and SanitizeContextPathFilter see the passed context
(/nifi1 ... /nifiN).  In debug logging though, CatchAllFilter isn't seeing
any items from getWhitelistedContextPath() where as
SanitizeContextPathFilter does show the items in the

Since CatchAllFilter extends SanitizeContextPathFilter, it should work
except CatchAllFilter isn't calling super.init() which means the
private whitelistedContextPaths never gets initialized.

Has anyone gotten Nifi working at a nested context path i.e. (/nifi1/nifi,

Curtis Ruck

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