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From Craig Knell <>
Subject Re: X-Forwarded-Context whitelisting not working
Date Tue, 14 May 2019 23:52:23 GMT
We tried.   
Ended up using virtual host ie

Best regards


> On 15 May 2019, at 06:09, Curtis Ruck <> wrote:
> I am attempting (unsuccessfully) to configure multiple numbered unclustered nifi instances
behind a single reverse proxy vhost (external limitations on single vhost and no clustering)
> In my reverse proxy I have X-Forwarded-Context set and in debug logging both CatchAllFilter
and SanitizeContextPathFilter see the passed context (/nifi1 ... /nifiN).  In debug logging
though, CatchAllFilter isn't seeing any items from getWhitelistedContextPath() where as SanitizeContextPathFilter
does show the items in the getWhitelistedContextPath().
> Since CatchAllFilter extends SanitizeContextPathFilter, it should work except CatchAllFilter
isn't calling super.init() which means the private whitelistedContextPaths never gets initialized.
> Has anyone gotten Nifi working at a nested context path i.e. (/nifi1/nifi, /nifi1/nifi-api)?
> --
> Curtis Ruck

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