Matt, the 1.9.2 docs don't list anything like that. Are you sure? Is it something coming out in the next, unreleased version? A more than welcome addition :)

Silly me was searching for everything jdbc, of course, on the page.


On Sat, Aug 10, 2019, 11:08 AM Matt Burgess <> wrote:
There is, sorry I’m AFK ATM but there’s a SimpleDatabaseLookup and a DatabaseRecordLookup (or something similarly named) :)

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On Aug 10, 2019, at 1:31 PM, Andrew Grande <> wrote:

Maybe this would help?

I wish there was a standard bundled jdbc lookup record implementation.


On Fri, Aug 9, 2019, 11:56 PM Craig Knell <> wrote:
Hi Folks

Cached Postgres Lookup Service
whats the best way to create a postgres lookup service within nifi.

I have an incoming ff with content in JSON.
What i want to do is use the field
=  "ID" : 12344
 field to lookup a postgres table and ADD in a new json field
=  "NAME" : lookupvalue
back into the ff content in json format.

I would ideally like the lookup processor to get/refresh the cached data daily.

Avro Records
It looks like the Rcord processing should work with the Cache,
I however get a little lost with using Record processors and AVRO
1. are avro schema's case sensitive?
2. how do i convert from incoming JSON ff with  uppercase fields to an
out going ff in lowercase fields ?
3. i performed a validateRecord processor using lowercase avro schema
against the incoming ff with uppercase fields and it returned 3 of the
10 fields, in lowercase, with null values, not sure what this means.