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From Luis Carmona <>
Subject High CPU consumption
Date Sun, 13 Oct 2019 16:11:24 GMT

I've struggling to reduce my nifi installation CPU consumption. Even in idle state, all processors
running but no data flowing, it is beyond 60% CPU consumption, with peaks of 200%. 

What I've done so far 
- Read and followed every instruction/post about tuning NIFI I've found googling. 
- Verify scheduling is 1s for most consuming processors: http processors, wait/notify, jolt,
- Scratch my head... 

But nothing seems to have a major effect on the issue. 

Can anyone give me some precise directions or tips about how to solve this please ? 
Is this the regular situation, I mean this is the minimun NIFI consumption. 

The server is configure with 4 CPU's, 8 GB RAM - 4 of them dedicated to heap at bootstrap.conf.

Thanks in advance. 


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