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From sanjeet rath <>
Subject Storing output of shellscript in s3 bucket
Date Fri, 10 Apr 2020 15:22:46 GMT

I have a scenario , where i have to Execute a shell script amd the output
of the script is a json file and i want to put the file in s3 bucket.

I am able to do it by building 2 flows.

One flow for executestremproces and store the json file in folder in System

Then another flow to get the file from system and using puts3object to put
in s3 bucket. But building write and read in separate flow is bit risky and
noway i am make it dependent as getfile has no preprocessor.

Is it possible not to store the json file (output of shell script) in file
system and as a flow file move it to s3 bucket ?
Means in one flow to execute shellscript and store output in s3 bucket.


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