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From Eric Secules <>
Subject Deleting/Modifying Parameters with Nifi Registry
Date Tue, 14 Apr 2020 23:41:38 GMT
Hello everyone,

I am noticing that when I delete a parameter from a parameter context in
NiFi a number of strange things result.

   - It doesn't register as a change that I can commit to the registry
   - When I do make a change and commit to the registry, the deleted
   parameter remains there and will be downloaded by anyone downloading the
   latest version of the flow.

What I expect to happen:

   - When I delete or modify the value of a parameter I should be able to
   check that in in a versioned way so that newer process group versions see
   the changes but older versions do not.

I have noticed that the parameter context gets bloated with a bunch of
parameters that have no users and no way to delete them after doing a big
renaming effort.

Any suggestions for how to do this would be appreciated


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