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From Chandrashekhar Kotekar <>
Subject How to resolve NiFi controller service conflicts across different processor groups?
Date Fri, 24 Apr 2020 08:23:33 GMT
Hi All,

We have developed NiFi flow which has one custom processor (lets call it
CP) which uses custom controller service (lets call it CCS) which in turn
uses NiFi's KeytabCredentialsService (lets call it KCS).

CP ==> CCS ==> KCS

This flow is in processor group called development. We created template of
this flow and gave it testing team. Testing team has imported this template
in processor group called testing. Testing team has configured KCS with
their own keytab.

When testing team executes CP which is in testing processor group,
they get access
denied error. When we checked the processor, it showed the processor has
used KCS of development processor group but in fact KCS configured is with
testing key tab only. So we disabled KCS in testing processor group and
enabled it again and it worked BUT then CP in development processor group
gave same access denied error.

In short, when processor in one processor group runs fine, processor in
other processor group gets access denied error because it uses other keytab
service. So we have to disable and enable processor group to resolve that

Has anyone faced similar issue?


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